Officials From Other Districts

Instructions for Registering in the Southeastern District

This page only applies to Officials who registered in a state outside of the Southeastern District. If you completed your USA Hockey registration with an address in a Southeastern District State, you can ignore this page. Southeastern District states are listed under the States menu item above.

Welcome to the Southeastern District

The Southeastern District maintains a database of registered USA Hockey Officials with their background screening to ensure eligibility for working USA Hockey games in the Southeastern District. USA Hockey does not share registration information between districts, so we need you to send us your profile information in order to get you listed in the Southeastern District. Please follow the instructions below so that we can create a record for you in our database. Your registration will be shared with game assigners and other Officials in the district. You will also be allowed to create an account on this web site in order to access the resources for registered Officials.

Out of District registration is a two-step process. The first step is to send the Webmaster a copy of your USA Hockey Profile showing that you have completed your registration and you have your card and crest. Do not send your profile until your profile shows your registration is complete. Once your registration is complete take a screen capture of both the "My Profile" page and the "Officiating Information" page.

Sample My Profile Page

Sample Officiating Information Page

Email the screen captures to the Southeastern District Webmaster. Please include the Southeastern District state you will be working in so we can add you to the proper state roster.

Step two is to send your background screening information to the Southeastern District Screening Coordinator. Do not send this information to the Webmaster. Note that Florida requires annual screening for all Officials regardless of age. If you are living and working in Florida on a regular basis, you will need to be screened annually. This is a Florida State Law, not a USA Hockey or Southeastern District policy. Biannual screening is required for all other Southeastern District states. See the Screening page for more information on the screening process.

Need help on making a screen capture? See Take a Screenshot. for screen capture instructions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and others. If you have any questions about registering in the Southeastern District, email the Southeastern District Webmaster.