North Carolina State News and Events

North Carolina State Staff Organization

Andy Lindley Supervisor of Officials

Local Area Supervisors

Ron Schwartz Local Supervisor of Officials


Ron Johnson Local Supervisor of Officials
open Training Coordinator  
open Evaluation Coordinator  
Terry Jordan Assignments Coordinator


Ron Biscotti Local Supervisor of Officials Local Association Website


Ron Biscotti Local Supervisor of Officials


Dave Schneider Local Supervisor of Officials

North Carolina State Instructional Staff

Douglas Asano
Cornelius, NC
Ron Biscotti
Holly Springs, NC
Pat Bush
Raleigh, NC
Susan Collins
Charlotte, NC
Cameron Gentile
Charlotte, NC
Ron Johnson
Lake Wylie, SC
Jim Josephson
Matthews, NC
Matt Katlen
Raleigh, NC
Paul Kelcey
Clayton, NC
Charles Kriston
Roxboro, NC
Lyle Lance
Raleigh, NC
Andy Lindley
Matthews, NC
David Schneider
Jacksonville, NC
Brian Sculley
Raleigh, NC
Ron Schwartz
Clemmons, NC
Morgan Williams
Raleigh, NC