USA Hockey Insurance Claims

USA Hockey provides insurance coverage for its officiating members. This coverage is secondary to your primary insurance and includes excess medical, accidental death or dismemberment, liability and catastrophic coverage. Officials should have received a complete summary of the coverages in their exam packet. You can also obtain additional insurance information on the USA Hockey Insurance and Risk Management web page.

Injury Claims

Although we would hope no one would have to use our insurance program this season, we do realize that accidents do happen and we want to make sure you are being provided the best service and care possible. For this reason, we would ask that you follow the procedure outlined below when you receive an injury during a USA Hockey event.

  1. File with your primary insurance provider.
  2. Contact your District Referee-in-Chief as soon as possible after being treated. This will allow your District Referee-in-Chief to start some preparations in making sure your claim is processed in a timely manner.
Note: You must complete these first two steps before any injury claim can be processed.
  1. Request a claim form and follow the instructions on the Claim Reporting page.
  2. The claim form must be signed by the District Referee-in-Chief. He will provide you with a mailing address for the form when you complete step 2, above.

More information on the Claims Reporting procedure can be found on the USA Hockey website or in the USAH Insurance Handbook. All materials are also posted in the Library

Liability Claims

If anyone advises you that someone other than a registered member of USA Hockey, has an actual or potential claim arising out of an incident or an injury, or arising out of a possible dispute between USA Hockey members, you should notify your District Risk Manager and District Referee-in-Chief promptly. The District Risk Manager will notify the appropriate member(s) of USA Hockey's national office staff, and will conduct any necessary preliminary investigation.

If any member of USA Hockey, its Districts, Affiliates, leagues, teams, or any of its local associations are served with any lawsuit, civil summons, or other legal papers, they must immediately notify the District Risk Manager and District Referee-in-Chief. Failure to notify USA Hockey immediately may jeopardize the applicable legal times for a response, and could be grounds for the insurance company to deny coverage for the legal action involved.

You must be a completely registered USA Hockey official to qualify for the USA Hockey insurance benefits.