Southeastern District Web Site Instructions

How it Works

The Southeastern District Web Site is designed to provide information to prospective Officials and the general public. In addition, the site has special protected sections for registered Officials, District Instructors, and District Staff to share current registration information.

The site uses SSL to protect data in transit. You must use a browser with SSL/TLS enabled.

Prospective Officials/General Public

Most of the web site is open for general use. You do not need a login to view the District Staff members, state pages, seminar schedules, general Referee info, training opportunities, reference material, or game reporting instructions. Users are encouraged to explore the site using the Quick Links or navigation menu. There is also a Site Map available to help you locate the information you are seeking.

Registered Southeastern District Officials

Individual Officials can create an account on the web site so they can view their background screening status and look up other registered Officials in their state. Click on the "Sign In | Create Account" link at the top of the page to login or create an account. You can also reset your password from this link. Account information will be sent to the email address you used to register with USA Hockey.

The site uses reCAPTCHA to reject robots. You may or may not be challenged by reCAPTCHA depending upon your login. You will have 5 attempts to log in, after which your account will be locked out for 30 minutes. You can re-register to create a new account during the lockout period, but this will reset your user name and password.

Once you are logged in, you can access the Official's Resource Page by clicking on Members > Officials from the main menu. The Official's Resource page will show your current background screening status. There is also a section that will allow you to pull up a state Referee Roster for any of the Southeastern District states. Scrolling down on the Official's Resource Page, you'll find sections that will allow you to set your own user name and password.

You must also log in to submit an Assault On Official report.

Southeastern District Instructional Staff

Southeastern District Instructors will be able to access the Seminar Coordinator section of the web site. Once logged in, click on Members > Seminar Coordinators. The Seminar Coordinators section has user instructions for the USA Hockey seminar registration system and various seminar support information. You'll find a current presentation set for all seminar levels, seminar handouts, and administrative forms for seminars.

Southeastern District Local Staff

State Supervisors and other members of their state Officiating Staff can access detailed registration information for their state Officials and run customized reports to monitor registration status for their state.

Southeastern District Staff

State Supervisors and other members of the Southeastern District Staff can access the Staff section or other special areas (Screening Coordinator, DSC Coordinator, Assaults Processing, etc.) depending upon their role. Once logged in, click on Members > District Staff.

The District Staff provides access to registration data, downloaded nightly from USA Hockey. You can also view current registration statistics, background screening lists, quiz questions responses, and inquiries from prospective Officials