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Step-by-Step Guide to Incident Reporting

Incident reporting was covered in your annual seminar. The link below is the presentation that was used during the incident reporting session. You can download a copy for your reference.

***** Incident Reporting Presentation *****

When to File a Game Report

Here's a handy table that explains when a game report is required, which game reporting system to use and who must file the report:

Game Rules Used Penalty Assessed Game Report System Used Who Files the Game Report
USAH Sanctioned Event Major USAH Incident Reporting System Only the Official who assessed the Penalty
USAH Sanctioned Event Game Misconduct USAH Incident Reporting System Only the Official who assessed the Penalty
USAH Sanctioned Event Match USAH Incident Reporting System Only the Official who assessed the Penalty
USAH Sanctioned Event Match 601(f.1) USAH Incident Reporting System
(see Note 1 below)
Only the Official who assessed the Penalty
USAH Sanctioned Event Match 601(f.1) SEDOP Game Reporting System for Assault On An Official All On Ice Officials
USAH Sanctioned Event Game Suspension: 401(b)
15 Penalties Team
(Youth, Girls or High School)
USAH Incident Reporting System
(see Note 2 below)
Senior Crew Referee
USAH Sanctioned Event Unusual Situation / Incident Report USAH Incident Reporting System
(see Note 3 below)
Senior Crew Referee
All non-USAH Sanctioned Events As Required Local Game Report method as required DO NOT use the USAH or SEDOP Reporting Systems


1. In the narrative section titled “Brief Report of Incident”, insert the following statement only: “This incident is being investigated by the SE District R-I-C, and a recommendation will follow.”

2. The Coach who was in charge of the team at the time of the 15th penalty is the one to be listed as the Coach on the Incident Report. For example, if the regular Head Coach was assessed a Game Misconduct earlier in the game, or was otherwise unavailable, his/her replacement on the bench would be the person listed on the Incident Report. Refer to CASEBOOK FOR PENALTIES, Rule 401 - Penalties", Situation 6 on page 95 if there is any question. Unless a penalty has been assessed to the Coach, no information is required in the narrative section titled “Brief Report of Incident”.

3. An “unusual situation” is any incident, circumstance, or condition, not involving penalties, that the Referee feels the governing Affiliate needs to know about, e.g.:

- Serious injury, illness, or death of any participant for reasons not in the course of play
- Any off-ice interference or interruption that causes a game to be suspended
- Ice conditions or anything else that causes a game to be unplayable
- Any situation that could pose insurance or liability concerns, or could result in adverse publicity
** When creating an “Unusual Situation / Incident Report” input the names of the Head Coach for both teams **

Players not Found During Search

When using the search function to identify the player who is the subject of the report, there have been several instances where the player search fails to return any matches. There can be several reasons why the player search can't find the correct player, but the main reason is due to the way the player database works.

The information for the player search comes from the player registration system. There are actually two parts of the player registration. The first part involves the registering and paying the annual fee. The second part is the player must then be claimed by at least one Association (team organization like Reston Raiders, East Coast Eagles, Laurel Adult League, etc.). Players can be claimed by more than one Association such as multiple adult leagues or travel team plus a high school team. But the player must be claimed by at least one team organization. The most common reason why the player can't be found is because the player was not claimed by a team. If this is the case, the player will not show up in the Incident Report System player search.

The responsibility for making sure this is done lies with the Affiliate. At this time we are contacting each of the Affiliates in our District to make the claiming of players a priority so the system can function as designed.

For the time being, when if you encounter this issue you should inform your State Supervisor that the Affiliate must have a team claim the player to take care of the problem. The officiating program has a liaison with each of the Southeastern District Affiliates to help resolve these issues.

Local associations may put some temporary procedures in place to handle issues like this locally. However, these incidents need to be reported through the on-line system. Reports should be saved with as much information as possible and then the player name entered when available.

Search Tips

Maybe this is obvious to some and not to others. The more constraints you put on a search the smaller the list you will get back but it may also filter out the one person you are looking for. Misspelling of names, Noland vs. Nolan, when you are searching for someone will make a match impossible. If you do not find anyone with your initial search try just putting in the first few letters of the name. That will give you a longer list from which you can choose the correct player.

Also be aware that names on handwritten score sheets can be misspelled. We had a recent penalty against a player and the score sheet had the name Bookman. When we searched around we found that the player's name was actually Bokman.

Selecting an Age Classification, Category or State will also reduce the list but you could also be excluding the person you want (player in Maryland playing for a team in Virginia so you set the State to Va., for example).

Basically, if you don't find the player with the initial search try reducing the search criteria so you get some list of players.

Reporting System Errors

Please let us know of any problems that are happening so we can get them addressed as quickly as possible. The solution may be something that needs to be done to the program at USA Hockey or the solution may be the Affiliate changing their procedures so their Associations do some things earlier than they used to.

Just like reporting on-ice incidents, your State Supervisor needs detailed information about the error. Please include the URL (that's the http:// or https://... address in the browser) and the actual error message along with the computer operating system, browser, and any other information about what you were using when the error occurred. Browsers do not all work the same so something that works in Internet Explorer 10 may not work correctly in Firefox, Safari, Chrome or even Internet Explorer 9. Same with tablet or phone browsers.