Southeastern District Forms Archive

Game Report Forms

Game report forms are used to report the assessment of a game suspending penalty. They are available in a number of formats. In addition to the game report form, there is also a continuation sheet available to include additional narrative.

Evaluation Form

This form can be used to conduct an informal evaluation of yourself or your partner. You can download the pdf form and throw it in your equipment bag. Ask your partner to observe you during a game and complete the form after the game. You'll get some ideas to improve your game.

If you are conducting evaluations on your own and don't feel like shuffling a bunch of papers around the rink, download the MS Word version to your laptop and you can complete the form right at the rink.

Games Worked Form

This form can be used to record games worked. There are columns for game rate and mileage to help you prepare your annual tax returns.

Insurance Forms

Go to the Insurance Page for forms and information regarding USA Hockey Insurance claims.

Southeastern District Staff Forms

Seminar Forms. The following seminar forms are provided as a quick way for Seminar Coordinators and Intstructors to obtain the forms without having to log on to the Seminar Coordinators section.

The process for completing and returning the forms can be found in the Seminar Coordinator section of the website. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Southeastern District Director of Officiating Development, Jack Nolan.

Expense Report Form. This file is the official SE District Expense Report form. Do not use any other form. This should be used for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred while performing your respective duties as members of the SE District Staff. Please include all receipts with your Expense Report; make a copy of these also. Attach all receipts to the Expense Report form.
       USA Hockey Expense Report -- MS Excel

Mail your Expense Report to:
      John Robinson
      33945 Middleton Circle, Unit #8
      Lewes, DE 19958