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Stripes Magazine

Stripes Magazine is the official publication of the USA Hockey Officiating Program. The e-magazine is published monthly during the season with new articles added to the Stripes website periodically throughout the year. You can read Stripes articles and download PDF copies of the magazine at:

The September 2018 edition of Stripes contains articles describing the new features offered by the USA Hockey Courses web site, tips for using the USA Hockey game reporting system, and a discussion of what it means to take pride in your role as an Official. This is typical of the informative and thought-provoking information contained in Stripes. It's must reading for all who want to improve their Officiating skills.

Referee Registration

USA Hockey is now accepting registrations for the 2018-2019 season. Go to the USA Hockey Registration page to register as a USA Hockey Referee. Your registration form will show you what your eligibility is for the various levels. New Officials must register as a Level 1. After you register, you can go to the USA Hockey Courses page to reserve a seat at a USA Hockey Officiating Seminar. Be sure to sign up for a seminar that matches the level at which you applied.

There have been some questions about the new registration procedures for the 2018-2019 season. USA Hockey has instituted a new fee structure:

  • Level 1 only: $45
  • Levels 2 thru 4: $90
  • Affiliated (Non-skating): $30
In addition, there are new rules for Level eligibility:
  • Officials age 16 or over can remain at Level 1 Complete for two years only
  • Officials age 16 or older must apply for Level 2 after two seasons at Level 1 Complete
  • Those who don’t pass Level 2 criteria will complete at Level 1, as is current policy
  • Level 2 officials can remain at that level or advance to Level 3 at any time

Seminars Posted On Southeastern District Web Site

We have the posted the schedule for Southeastern District seminars on the Seminars Page. This page will be updated periodically as new sessions are scheduled. You can always see the current schedule in real time (and reserve a seat at a seminar session) by going to the USA Hockey Courses listing. You will be asked to log in using your USA Hockey email address and password. Once you are logged in, select the “USA Hockey Courses” menu item.

By the way, you can also review your registration status by selecting the “My Profile” menu item on the USA Hockey web site.

USA Hockey Open and Closed Book Tests

USA Hockey has changed the open and closed book tests. The old 100-question open book test has been replaced by a set of Level-specific open book tests. Level 1 Officials will take a 50 question, Level 1 specific rules exam where 35 is a passing score. Level 2 Officials are required to pass a different 50 question Level 2 specific open book test where 40 is a passing grade and a new Level 2 specific closed book test where 24 out of 30 questions is passing. Level 3 and Level 4 Officials will also have Level-specific open and closed book tests where 45 out of 50 is passing for the open book and 40 out of 50 is passing for the closed book tests.

Also new this year, returning Level 3 and 4 Officials will have the option to "test out" of the elective portion of the online curriculum. You will still be required to complete the core online seminar modules, but returning Level 3's and 4's will not be required to repeat the elective modules.

Southeastern District Organization

USA Hockey is organized by district. There are 13 districts across the country. We are in the Southeastern District, which includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The District Officials organization supports the Southeastern District Affiliates who manage the leagues, coaches and players in the District. The Southeastern District is composed of four Affiliates, the Carolina Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), Potomac Valley Amateur Hockey Association (PVAHA), Southern Amateur Hockey Association (SAHA) and Statewide Amateur Hockey of Florida (SAHOF). There are links to each of the Affiliate web sites on the Links Page.

The Southeastern District Officiating Program Staff (SEDOP) is your connection to the overall USA Hockey organization. We are responsible for conducting the Officiating Education Seminars including the District Select Camp and District Officiating Seminar. In addition to running the seminars, the District Staff is available to assist with any USA Hockey registration issues. The Southeastern District Screening Coordinator administers Referee background screening for the local Affiliates. The District Referee-in-Chief and his staff supervise the officiating for USA Hockey National Championships held within the District. We are also responsible for Referee evaluations and reporting assaults on Officials within the District.

Most game assignments are managed by local Officials associations. Those local associations with web sites are listed on the Links Page. If you are looking to work a game, contact your local Officials association for their assignment procedures. If you live in an area not covered by a local association, contact your state or local Supervisor of Officials. State and Local Supervisors are listed on the state pages on this web site.

Registration System Changes

USA Hockey is changing the rules for registering at the various levels. Starting this year, if you are over the age of 16, you will only be allowed to remain a Level 1 for two years. Level 1 Officials under age 16 may remain at Level 1 until they reach age 16 as of August 1 of the current calendar year. If you are over 16 and have been Level 1 for two years or more, you will only be allowed to register as Level 2.

Level 1 Officials are encouraged to advance to Level 2 after one year, but you must move to Level 2 after the second year as a Level 1. The Officiating Development Program adds advanced topics to the instructional curriculum at the higher levels. This change is intended to encourage Officials to advance and improve their officiating skills.

USA Hockey has also revised the registration fee structure for the 2018-2019 season. The Level 1 registration fee will be $45 plus a $10 Officiating Program Fee. The registration fee for all other levels will be $90 plus the $10 Officiating Program Fee.

Seminar Instructors

Seminar season will soon be upon us. USA Hockey Officiating Education seminars are held each year between August and November. The seminars are taught by volunteer instructors who have completed the USA Hockey Instructor Training Camp. Prospective instructors are selected by the District Referee-in-Chief to attend the training camps held in Lake Plaid, NY and Colorado Springs, CO.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a USA Hockey seminar instructor, you can read more about the USA Hockey Seminar Instructor Training Program on the USA Hockey webiste. We will post announcements here and on the Training Page about applying for Instructor Training Camp. Applications are usually due in early March for the camps held in April and May. Contact your State Supervisor of Officials for more information or talk to a seminar instructor when you go to your seminar this fall.

Georgia State Supervisor Change

Georgia State Supervisor and Chet Stewart Award winner Bob Klein has announced that he is stepping down from his position. Bob has played an instrumental role in the growth of the officiating program in the State of Georgia since becoming state supervisor. “While we will miss his presence going forward, he has left a great legacy for the future”, said Jim Dewhirst, Southeastern District RIC. “I sincerely appreciate his efforts and friendship over the years.”

To replace Bob, Paul Carnathan has been appointed as the new Georgia State Supervisor. Paul has been an active member of USA Hockey for 25 years as an on-ice official. He has attended all USA Hockey camps as a participant and is now on the national Staff as an instructor as well as the Level 4 instructor in the Southeastern District. He has officiated multiple international assignments as well as minor professional and collegiate hockey, including the 2016 Frozen Four. “Paul bring a lot of energy and experience to his new role”, added Dewhirst. “He will be a great asset to the officiating program in Georgia and the Southeastern District.” Paul's appointment is effective immediately and he can be reached at

Registration Season Ends

USA Hockey closes the books on Referee registrations on April 30 each year. Consequently, new Officials are not allowed to register at this time. USA Hockey will open the registration system again on August 1. If you are interested in becoming an Official, you should read our New Referee Info for details on how to become an ice hockey Official.

For those who have not completed their registration for the 2017-2018 season, you will have to wait until August 1 to register again. USA Hockey allows for a one-season gap in registration without loss of level. For example, if were a fully-registered Level 3 in the 2016-2017 season and failed to complete your Level 3 registration for the 2017-2018 season, you will be allowed to register as a Level 3 for the 2018-2019 season.

USA Hockey Twitter Feed

Want the latest news from USA Hockey? Subscribe to the USA Hockey Twitter feed. You'll get current information about Championship games, International Tournaments, sled hockey, and more. There are coaching tips and other amateur hockey news. With over 20,000 tweets and 313,000 followers, the USA Hockey Twitter feed is the place to be. Join the fun.

Registration Fee Increase

As discussed at the USA Hockey Winter Meeting, USA Hockey will be instituting a new registration fee structure for the 2018-2019 season. The fee for Level 1 will be $45 and the fee for all the other levels will be fixed at $90. According to Dave Labuda, USA Hockey National Referee-in-Chief, "... we have recognized a trend that some officials were remaining at the lower registration levels. By making the registration fee for Levels 2, 3 and 4 the same, we hope to encourage and motivate those officials to improve their officiating skills by registering at higher levels when they become eligible." Since the fees for Levels 2, 3, and 4 are the same, there is incentive to apply for the higher level. The lower Level 1 fee is designed to attract new Referees by lowering the barrier for first-year participation. These changes will allow the Officiating Program to continue to be self-funded despite rising costs.

Officiating System Guidelines

Is the two-Official or three-Official system preferred for a U-12 game? Can I use the four-Official system in my U-14 tournament? When can Cross-Ice Officiating be used? Answers to these questions and more can be found in the USA Hockey Officiating Systems Guidelines in the Southeastern District Library .

Southeastern District Officials Working National Championships

Congratulations to these Southeastern District Officials who were selected to work National Championship Games:

TIER 1 U-14 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP April 5-10, 2018 Charlotte, NC
Doug Asano, Level 4 (NC)
Ryan Gaus, Level 4 (NC)
Dan Huntington, Level 4 (GA)
Ron Johnson, Level 4 (SC)
Thomas Josephson, Level 4 (NC)
Jason Leisten, Level 4 (FL)
Ben Bugge, Level 3 (NC)
Cameron Gentile, Level 3 (NC)
Colin Wilson, Level 3 (NC)

The Tier 1 U-14 Supervisors were Jim Dewhirst, Southeastern District RIC, Andy Lindley, NC State Supervisor, and Jack Nolan, Southeastern District Director of Development.

Other Southeastern District Officials were assigned other National Championships:

GIRLS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS April 5-9, 2018 Marlborough, MA
Jessica Frye, Level 3 (FL)
Erika Greenen, Level 4 (TN)
Brittney Rust, Level 4 (AL)
Jacqueline Zee-Howard, Level 4 (MD)

TIER 1 U-15 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP April 5-10, 2018 Plymouth, MI
Vince Herbert, Level 4 (TN)

TIER 1 U-16, U-18 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS April 5-9, 2018 Philadelphia, (West Chester)PA
Jason Lortie, Level 4 (FL)

District Select Camp

The 2018 Southeastern District Official's Development Camp aka the District Select Camp (DSC) is now underway at Extreme Ice in Indian Trail, NC. The camp is an opportunity to officiate challenging games with players from the Southeastern District Hockey Festival. These players are competing for slots on teams at the national level. You can expect some top-notch games at the highest player skill level.

If you want to attend next year's DSC, watch this web site. We usually post the DSC announcement and applications in early December.

USA Hockey Game Reports

USA Hockey Officials are required to submit a game report as part of their officiating responsibility when a reportable incident occurs during a game. The USA Hockey Game Reporting System is available through your USA Hockey Referee Profile. Only one report from all Officials involved is required per incident. More information and links to the USA Hockey Incident Report system are available here.

Reports involving assaults on Officials are reported here. In the case of assaults, reports are required from each Official involved in the game.

New Officials

If you are interested in becoming a USA Hockey Official, please read the How to Become a Referee web page. Since all USA Hockey Officials seminars have been completed for the 2017-2018 season, your first opportunity to officiate will be next season. Do not submit a registration with USA Hockey for the 2017-2018 season since you will not be able to go to a seminar and complete your registration. USA Hockey does not offer refunds for incomplete registrations.

If additional seminars are added later in the year, we'll post the information here. Again, do not apply with USA Hockey unless you are certain that you can attend a seminar and complete your registration.

2017-21 Playing Rule Interpretations

Dave LaBuda, USA Hockey National Referee-in-Chief, has sent a memorandum to all Officials clarifying some of the rule changes in the new 2017-21 rulebook. The memo covers some situations on the new rules for face-off locations and rules involving altercations where a helmet is removed.

New Virginia State Supervisor of Officials

Rich Robichaud has announced he is stepping down as VA Supervisor effective this summer. “We will certainly miss his energy and can-do attitude,” said Southeastern District Referee-in-Chief Jim Dewhirst. “I thank him for his dedication and efforts in leading Virginia during the past several years.”

To replace Rich, the Southeastern District Officiating Program has tapped Dave Boyer as the new VA Supervisor. Dave is a long-time USA Hockey official and a 30 year member of the Southeastern Hockey Officials Association (SHOA), where he has held several leadership positions. He has attended Instructor Training Camp and is a long time instructor in the area. He also served as the first Southeastern District Zone RIC for USA Hockey Inline, and is an off-ice official for the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League.

Dewhirst added “We are so fortunate to have someone of Dave's background to lead the officials of Virginia. Please join me in welcoming Dave to the Southeastern District Officiating Program staff.”

2017-2018 Season Registration Tips

USA Hockey will open registration for the 2017-2018 season for new and returning Officials on Aug. 1. Renewals must be completed by Nov 30 in order to continue as a fully registered Official. Returning Officials are required to complete SafeSport training and update their background screening every two years, except in Florida where state law requires annual background screening. If you are required to update your SafeSport and/or background screening, we recommend you do not update your SafeSport and background screening until AFTER you renew your registration with USA Hockey. You should re-register with USA Hockey, then complete your SafeSport and background screening, making sure to complete these items by Nov 30. This will help ensure you receive proper credit for completing your registration requirements and help USA Hockey apply these items to your 2017-2018 registration record.

Bottom line: Register with USA Hockey as soon as they open the 2017-2018 registration on Aug. 1, THEN complete your SafeSport and background screening. New Officials MUST complete all registration requirements, including SafeSport training and background screening, before officiating any games.

How to Become a Referee

New officials must register with USA Hockey, attend a Level 1 seminar, pass an open book rules test, and complete the online training curricula. Officials over the age of 18 must also complete SafeSport training and complete a background investigation. A background investigation is required for all Florida officials, regardless of age. (This is a state law and not a USA Hockey requirement.) See the How to Become an Ice Hockey Referee page for information on how to get started as a USA Hockey Official.