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USA Hockey Registration Begins

As we mentioned earlier, USA Hockey has changed the date that you can register as an Official. USA Hockey has opened the registration system and is now accepting registrations and renewals for the 2019-2020 season. Returning Officials should have received an email from USA Hockey announcing the new registration start date. You can read more about the registration process and register at the USA Hockey Registration web site page.

The Southeastern District Instructional Staff is arranging for seminars. All available seminars are posted on the USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminar page. We also have the seminar list posted on the Seminar page. The Southeastern District site may lag the USA Hockey site, so be sure to check the USA Hockey site for the latest information. You must register for a seminar on the USA Hockey site. Search for Southeastern District seminars.

New for this season, seminars in the Southeastern District begin in July and continue through November. You can attend any USA Hockey Officiating Seminar nationwide to complete your annual seminar attendance requirement. For those who live in states that border another USA Hockey District, check the USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminar page to see if there is a nearby seminar that may be a better fit for your schedule.

USA Hockey Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play, and Respect

USA Hockey has released a comprehensive discussion of legal and illegal body checking that will be a point of emphasis for the 2019-2020 playing season. The Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play, and Respect was provided to all attendees at the USA Hockey Annual Congress in Colorado Springs. The declaration defines Competitive Contact, the allowable body contact that occurs at all levels of play. The paper also provides an in-depth discussion of forms of illegal body contact and provides guidance for Officials on what forms of body contact should be penalized. You can read the USA Hockey USA Hockey Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play, and Respect here and in the Southeastern District Library.

USA Hockey Insurance Program

By registering as a member of USA Hockey you are automatically enrolled in the USA Hockey insurance program. If you are a registered USA Hockey member and you are injured while participating in a USA Hockey sanctioned activity, you may be eligible to file a claim for medical expenses not covered by your primary insurance. If you have no other medical insurance, the USA Hockey coverage may pay for covered expenses subject to a $3,500 deductible.

In addition to medical insurance, the USA Hockey insurance program also provides liability insurance in the event that you are named in a lawsuit for an incident that occurred during a USA Hockey-sanctioned event. This covers injuries suffered by a participant where there are allegations of negligence by an Official.

The Southeastern District Referee-in-Chief must be immediately informed of a potential insurance claim. The procedures for filing a claim are described on the USA Hockey Claims Reporting page and here on the Southeastern District USA Hockey Claims Reporting page. In addition, we have posted the USA Hockey Insurance Handbook in the Southeastern District document library.

How Do I Find my Local Supervisor of Officials?

We have all the state and local supervisors for the Southeastern District listed here on the web site. State Supervisors can be found on the Staff page. Not all states have local supervisors. However, if your State Supervisor has appointed local supervisors, you can find all the local supervisors listed on their corresponding state page. Use the State pulldown on the main menu to select your state.

You should contact your state or local supervisor with questions about officiating or your USA Hockey registration. The Southeastern District covers 11 states and the District of Columbia, so you should get in touch with the supervisor closest to you for answers. Your local supervisor will be more familiar with local issues. If your local supervisor can't help, they will be able to get in touch with the appropriate staff member who can help.

You Make the Call!

In a youth Midget (16U) game, Team A has cleared the puck from their defending zone and goes on the attack. Player A1 whips around with a high stick to start skating up the ice, but he accidentally strikes Player B1 in the helmet with his stick. There is a loud crack as the stick hits the helmet. Player B1 is surprised but not injured and there is no impact on the developing play.

What is the Call?

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