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Florida Seminar Added

For those who have not yet attended a USA Hockey seminar, the Florida state instructional staff has added a final Florida seminar at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL on Saturday, January 5, 2019. The seminar for all levels will start at 11:00 AM and end about 6:00 PM. Reservations are required. Go to the USA Hockey Seminars page to reserve a place at the seminar.

Maryland Seminar Added

The Maryland Instructional Staff has added a Level 1 and Level 2 seminar at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel Maryland on December 27 at 10:00 AM. This seminar is for new Officials or returning Officials who have already registered but have not yet attended your seminar. Remember, you must attend a seminar at the same level as your registration.

Special Guest Speaker - We're excited to announce that Megan MacKenzie will be joining us as special guest speaker at our last 2018-19 USA Hockey Officiating Seminar! Megan has an outstanding resume, including having worked the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and the 2001 & 2000 World Women's Championships. She is currently an Officiating Supervisor for USA Hockey, NCAA, and NWHL.

There are still seats remaining! Again, it is scheduled for Thursday, 12/27 from 10 AM - 3 PM at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel! You must go to the USA Hockey Seminars page to reserve your seat at this event.

2019 Southeastern District Select Camp

The 2019 Southeastern District Select Camp will be held May 8-12, 2019 at Extreme Ice in Indian Trail, (Charlotte) NC. The DSC, also known as the Official's Development Camp, is an advanced training camp held in conjunction with the Southeastern District Hockey Festival. The festival is where age qualified youth players will be trying out for teams that will compete at the national level. You will receive advanced training and work live games with some of the best players in the district.

As the name implies, you must be selected to attend the DSC. Attendance is limited to 18 participants. You must be a fully registered Southeastern District Official, Level 2 or higher, age 18 or above. More information is available at DSC announcement and online application form. You can also download a PDF or Word copy of the DSC announcement submit the application by mail. Electronic submission is preferred. Applications are due not later than Friday, February 1, 2019.

USA Hockey Policy Regarding Officials Participating in Non-USA Hockey Sanctioned Games

Affiliate and officials' organizations may establish and use reasonable criteria, rules, and procedures for selection and scheduling of officials for games within their jurisdiction. There are numerous valid reasons why an Affiliate, officials' organization, or scheduler may select one official over another for a particular game, league, or level of play. However, no USA Hockey official may be penalized, threatened, excluded, or made ineligible for officiating USA Hockey games based on that official being certified by or officiating games that are not sanctioned by USA Hockey or are sanctioned by some other entity. Many USA Hockey officials work games not under USA Hockey authority (e.g. NCAA, Canadian Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, National Federation of High Schools, etc.). To be sure, an official will not receive the benefits of USA Hockey, including insurance coverage, supervision, disciplinary process and enforcement, etc., while officiating a game not sanctioned by USA Hockey and that official is not permitted to wear a USA Hockey crest (patch) on their sweater during a game not sanctioned by USA Hockey. To reiterate, no Affiliate may, and no Affiliate shall permit an official's organization or scheduler under its control to punish, threaten, black-ball, or make any official ineligible for USA Hockey games based on the official becoming certified by another entity, or officiating games that are not sanctioned by USA Hockey. Most hockey programs and officials associations endeavor to consider their officials to be independent contractors; to place restrictions on officials from officiating non-sanctioned games may place that independent contractor status as rick, and subject the hockey program or officials association to other liabilities.

You Make the Call!

During a youth Bantam (U-14) game, Player A1 is defending his goal. Opposing forward B1 is parked outside the crease, hoping to get a deflection. A1 attempts to obstruct B1's view of the action by rubbing B1's facemask in a "facewash" action.

What is the Call?

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