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USA Hockey Registration System Open

Welcome to the 2018-2019 season! USA Hockey has opened the registration system to accept new registrations for first-time Officials and renewals for returning Officials. New Officials should register as a Level 1. Returning Officials may register at or below their current level or may register for the next higher level. You are encouraged to register at the highest level for which you are eligible. You will receive advanced training at the higher levels which will help you be a better Referee. You must be a Level 4 Official to be eligible to work National Championship games.

Go to the USA Hockey Registration page to register for the 2018-2019 season. Ignore the line "2017-18 REGISTRATION HAS CONCLUDED." and follow the instructions in the Registration Process section. Your registration form will show you what your eligibility is for the various levels. Be sure to sign up for a seminar that matches the level at which you applied.

There have been some questions about the new registration procedures for the 2018-2019 season. USA Hockey has instituted a new fee structure:

  • Level 1 only: $45
  • Levels 2 thru 4: $90
  • Affiliated (Non-skating): $30
In addition, there are new rules for Level eligibility:
  • Officials age 16 or over can remain at Level 1 Complete for two years only
  • Officials age 16 or older must apply for Level 2 after two seasons at Level 1 Complete
  • Those who don’t pass Level 2 criteria will complete at Level 1, as is current policy
  • Level 2 officials can remain at that level or advance to Level 3 at any time

New Seminar Presentations

Attention, Southeastern District Instructional Staff: There are three new presentations posted in the Presentations Section of the Seminar Coordinators resource section. The materials include an updated orientation presentation and new presentations on match penalty determinations and a presentation from USA Hockey that describes changes to the registration system.

You must be a seminar instructor to download the presentations. If you are listed as a seminar instructor, log on to the web site, then go to Members > Seminar Coordinators ( https://southeastrefs.org/coordinators/) and click on the Presentations menu item in the Seminar Support box. The new presentations are posted under the "All Level Orientation Files" section.

Seminars Posted On Southeastern District Web Site

We have the posted the schedule for Southeastern District seminars on the Seminars Page. This page will be updated periodically as new sessions are scheduled. You can always see the current schedule in real time (and reserve a seat at a seminar session) by going to the USA Hockey Courses listing. You will be asked to log in using your USA Hockey email address and password. Once you are logged in, select the “USA Hockey Courses” menu item.

By the way, you can also review your registration status by selecting the “My Profile” menu item on the USA Hockey web site.

USA Hockey Open and Closed Book Tests

USA Hockey has changed the open and closed book tests. The old 100-question open book test has been replaced by a set of Level-specific open book tests. Level 1 Officials will take a 50 question, Level 1 specific rules exam where 35 is a passing score. Level 2 Officials are required to pass a different 50 question Level 2 specific open book test where 40 is a passing grade and a new Level 2 specific closed book test where 24 out of 30 questions is passing. Level 3 and Level 4 Officials will also have Level-specific open and closed book tests where 45 out of 50 is passing for the open book and 40 out of 50 is passing for the closed book tests.

Also new this year, returning Level 3 and 4 Officials will have the option to "test out" of the elective portion of the online curriculum. You will still be required to complete the core online seminar modules, but returning Level 3's and 4's will not be required to repeat the elective modules.

You Make the Call!

A player bangs the boards with their stick in protest of an official’s decision against their team. The proper penalty assessment is:

What is the Call?

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