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Referee Registration

USA Hockey is now accepting registrations for the 2018-2019 season. Go to the USA Hockey Registration page to register as a USA Hockey Referee. Ignore the line "2017-18 REGISTRATION HAS CONCLUDED." and follow the instructions in the Registration Process section. Your registration form will show you what your eligibility is for the various levels. New Officials must register as a Level 1. After you register, you can go to the USA Hockey Courses page to reserve a seat at a USA Hockey Officiating Seminar. Be sure to sign up for a seminar that matches the level at which you applied.

There have been some questions about the new registration procedures for the 2018-2019 season. USA Hockey has instituted a new fee structure:

  • Level 1 only: $45
  • Levels 2 thru 4: $90
  • Affiliated (Non-skating): $30
In addition, there are new rules for Level eligibility:
  • Officials age 16 or over can remain at Level 1 Complete for two years only
  • Officials age 16 or older must apply for Level 2 after two seasons at Level 1 Complete
  • Those who don’t pass Level 2 criteria will complete at Level 1, as is current policy
  • Level 2 officials can remain at that level or advance to Level 3 at any time

Seminars Are Underway

As you can see from the Seminar Page a fair number of USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminars in the Southeastern District have been completed. You can see the remaining sessions on the Seminar Page or go to the   USA Hockey Courses listing to see remaining availability and sign up for a seminar. You must reserve a seat to ensure a place in the class. Classes are filling up and those who do not have a reservation may be turned away.

Attendance at any USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminar will fulfill your seminar registration requirement. If you can't find a class in the Southeastern District, you can see available sessions in other districts on the USA Hockey Courses listing. Make sure you sign up for a seminar at the same level as your registration.

Concussion Safety

Improved equipment and Heads Up Hockey have helped to reduce the incidence of concussion. However, injuries still occur and Officials are often the first to observe evidence of an athlete who has suffered a concussion. A player with a suspected sports related concussion must be removed from play immediately for follow-up medical attention.

This poster from USA Hockey describes the signs and symptoms of a concussion and what to do if you suspect that a player may have suffered a concussion.

You Make the Call!

This was one of the most-missed questions on the 2017-2018 Level 4 closed book test. What is the on-ice numerical strength of Team A under the following penalty situation:

3:00X - 2 + 2B - 2
3:00Y - 2 

What is the Call?

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