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Southeastern District Officiating Seminar

Save the date for the 2019 Southeastern District Officiating Seminar (DOS). The District Officiating Seminar is an intensive three-day seminar and training session for those who are seeking to improve their officiating skills in order to work at the higher levels of the game. DOS participation can also help you compete for selection to USA Hockey advanced summer camps.

The DOS is held every other year. The location rotates across all Southeastern District states. The 2019 Southeastern District Officiating Seminar is tentatively scheduled for August 2-4, 2019 in Charleston, SC. We will have more information here on the web site as the DOS preparations are finalized.

Check the Scoresheet

A recent Stripes Magazine article discussed the importance of checking the scoresheet at the conclusion of a game. Rule 502(e) requires the Referee to “check the official scoresheet, including team rosters and players in uniform, for accuracy prior to signing.” This is part of your job and necessary to ensure the game results are accurately recorded. Incomplete or inaccurate scoresheets can affect a team's eligibility for state and national tournaments and may impact a player's ability to qualify for advanced player development programs. The scoresheets also serve as the basis for tracking penalty trends.

When reviewing a scoresheet, you should:

  1. Make sure the player roster, including coaches, is correct, i.e. does the number of dressed players equal the number listed on the Scoresheet? Does the number of coaches listed equal the number on the bench? If no to either question, get it corrected BEFORE the game.
  2. Confirm that all penalties are recorded properly.
  3. Verify that the names of on-ice Officials are correctly listed.
  4. Sign the hard copy scoresheet or, if the league is using electronic scoresheets, approve the electronic version.
You can read more about post-game duties in the Stripes Magazine article.

New Registration Dates

USA Hockey has announced a trial program moving the start of Referee registration to June 3 instead of the traditional August 1 start date. This will enable districts to hold Officiating seminars earlier in the season and allow you to complete your 2019-2020 registration renewal well before the November 30 due date. New Officials will be able to complete their registration sooner and not have to wait for August seminars.

This is a major change to the registration process and details are still being determined. We should know more after the USA Hockey Annual Meeting in early June and we'll keep you updated here on the web site. Note, this Registration date change does not impact your Background Screening date requirement. New screenings cannot begin until August 1st.

You Make the Call!

Team A has been unhappy with the officiating in the first period. After the ice is resurfaced, Team A remains in the locker room. An off-ice official notifies the team that the ice is ready for play and they still refuse to return to the ice.

What is the Call?

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